On this page you will find my collaborative work, consisting of poems and paintings!
These are based on group pairing of my Watercolour paintings with poets. Read on to find out more...

Time of the Umbellifers - 2008                     Watercolour 64 x 55 cm             Artists Permanent Collection.

Time of the Umbellifers was completed in 2008 as an experimental piece in response to the radio play by Hugh Lipton. This talks of time that moves in circles, time counted in straight lines. This painting acted as the precursor to the set of four paintings of 2009 named Time that Moves in Circles after the play.

Curiously, this work was subsequently seen on exhibition by the poet, Margaret Livingston, and inspired her to write a poem A Personal History of Light in the Haiku manner. This was performed by The Camelford Stanza Society at one of their readings during Febuary 2011. A small extract from the poem follows.


A Personal History of Light
 (first two verses only)

I am the night seed

that longs for sudden daylight

to waken my skin

A Blackboard sky, rubbed clean but pale with dust. The moon a fingerprint of Chalk smudged between the clouds. All colour slipped to ash and shadow. The trees, like quiet monuments, bow their heads. The flowers have lost their voices. The leaves are grey. Yet – we wait – rapt in wonder.

I am the white bud

that pushes like a ghost-child

through the warming soil

The sky is a milky glass not quite rinsed clean. Light settles like foam in a thin radiance. A bolt of white silk thrown out across the grass. Beyond the hedge - nothing – a landscape bound in silver. A clouding that waits to coalesce into things we know. Hush. There is a silence as clarity is born. It is a gift.

Poets Collaboration with Penny Shuttle - 2009      Watercolour 55cm diameter              Artists Permanent Collection.

During 2009 the Watercolour society members were invited by Helen Woods of the Camelford Stanza Society to collaborate on a project with poets named The Great Trees of Cornwall. The idea being that the two disciplines would produce interesting work. The project culminated in a group show and poetry reading at the Camelford Gallery during October 2009. My work was paired with the poet Penelope Shuttle and culminated in this very experimental painting. The concept being that the image emerged like the bark rings of a tree. Not only is Penny's text hidden within the image but also the ephemera of my own daily life.


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