Please do feel free to peruse my site within its own Galleries, incorporating selections of my:
     Watercolours; Prints; Oils; Collaborative works; Drawings and my Sketchbook!
You should find, on every page, a link to my “Online Showcase” to show you larger copies of the online galleries. These are in subsets - you can choose which Showcase to peruse, or indeed all of them should you wish!

On the following pages I trust you will find something to interest you.

Here is a preview of what you will find:

All paintings are P.O.A. and framed, unless otherwise stated, carriage is negotiable.

Watercolours: A selection of my Watercolours.

Prints: A selection of the Prints I have worked on, including my Art In Sport series.

Collaborative Work: A selection of my Watercolour Paintings which were paired with Poets.

Drawings: My selection of Drawings include Cycling and Running in Sport.

Recent Work: A showcase of my recent work - starring Poetic Watercolour Moons!

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